Iyoshi Cola hopes one day to become a brand known throughout the world along with the likes of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

There are two meanings to this hope.

The first is a desire to cultivate the soil for tolerance towards diverse ideas and values throughout the world

By overcoming the stereotypes that cola cannot be made by hand or that it is unhealthy, Iyoshi Cola hopes to help dispel from the world the preconceived notion that things need to be a certain way that holds people back.

And Kola Kobayashi and his company hope that the trajectory of Iyoshi Cola, as it grows into a global maker, will serve as a role model for people everywhere to take confidence in their passions and abilities and do things differently from others, with pride.

The second meaning is to bring light on value that has been lost in the world so that it may shine again.

Iyoshi Cola is an alchemical reaction born of the combination of Kola Kobayashi’s love of cola with the dispensary, tools, brewing knowledge, and craftsmanship of his grandfather, Ryotaro Ito, that had been fated to disappear from history.

From this was born the theme of bringing light on value that has been lost in the world so that it may shine again.
As craft cola spreads throughout the world as a new part of Japanese culture, it will create an opportunity to teach the world of Japanese ideas and the appeals of the many different parts of Japan. It may even go on to assist in the Japanese economy, and those benefits will spread to the world, and bring light to lost value throughout the world so that it too may shine again.

Surely, this will help make the world a more joyful place.