Located in Shimo-Ochiai, Tokyo, this cola factory was established by refurbishing the traditional Japanese medicine factory of Iyoshi Cola repesentive Kola Kobayashi’s grandfather, Ryotaro Ito.

The spice grinders and other tools used back then have been repaired and continue to be used today.

Then, in February 2020, the Shimo-Ochiai Iyoshi Cola Grand Store was opened just next door to the factory so that visitors could enjoy freshly made cola on the spot.

But the real motivation for the store is to spread the philosophy of craftsmanship based on personal relationships valued by Iyoshi Cola.

The term “craft cola” refers cola painstakingly made in a small scale workshop by a craftsman using all natural ingredients, including the citrus fruits, spice, and kola nuts, but Iyoshi Cola does not use a clear definition for their product because of the belief that the real definition depends on the person who drinks it.

On the other hand, one thing valued at Iyoshi Cola is craftsmanship based on personal relationships.

In other words, the important thing is which craftsman is making the product where, and how.

As the foremost pioneer in the world of craft cola, Iyoshi Cola has embarked on a journey to spread craft cola throughout the world as a new export of Japanese culture.